You need to be fully Lupus Aware to get it right
It Affects Your Family Too.


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Lupus Symptoms In Women …My Consultant Tried To Have Me Certified As Mentally Ill rather than treat my Lupus Symptoms In Women

None of them would acknowledge the fact that I had Systemic Lupus Symptoms In Women (SLE)
(Even the “dreaded” word Fibromyalgia was mentioned!)

Lupus Symptoms In Women – Find Out The Shocking Truth, See What Happens When You Get It Wrong……Like I Did. – Faye Cooper



Lupus Symptoms In Women

Faye – Lupus Symptoms In Women

I may only be an ordinary mother of four children, but I do know systemic lupus…
…I have had to live with my lupus symptoms in women since I was 15 years old.

I have compiled information over several years from my own experiences with systemic lupus symptoms in Women.

Thankfully this information has helped me to avoid inappropriate, quality-of-life threatening treatments. It can do the same for you.

Discover what you MUST know
about Systemic Lupus Symptoms In Women
BEFORE seeing your Doctor

Prepare Yourself and Get It Right
Read My Lupus Family Survival Guide


lupus symptoms in women

THIS is all about helping you to improve “Quality-Of-Life” For you, your family – and your friends.


  • Lupus Symptoms In Women
    Initially, Systemic lupus may begin with very small niggling symptoms that you wouldn’t consider going to the doctors with.
  • Lupus Symptoms In Women
    Your symptoms may be just mundane, but you feel that they are not part of the normal acceptable parts of life.
  • Lupus symptoms quite often start when girls reach puberty/early teens… I was under 15 years old.
  • Lupus Symptoms In Women
    These symptoms can be very subtle and non defined, in some cases it can be put down to migraine/glandular fever, growing pains etc. With Lupus it is very important to be treated by a lupus specialist.
  • Lupus Symptoms In Women You MUST see someone who sees and deals with Systemic Lupus symptoms in women every day as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus has many similar symptoms to other conditions, and it will definitely not respond to treatment if it’s being treated with the wrong type of drugs.
  • Lupus Symptoms In Women This is all about getting the appropriate treatment, educating the family… and friends, and making adjustments in life so that you can participate and have fun occasions.

    You Can Have More Than One Autoimmune Diseaselupu
    Read All About Other Autoimmune Diseases
    That Are Common Clusters To Lupus

Lupus Symptoms In Women

What You Need To Know
To Get It All Right The First Time

+++ “I got it all wrong, but you don’t have to” +++

Lupus Symptoms in Women – I thought it would just be a matter of taking medication and getting on with a normal life. How wrong I was – This Systemic lupus Erythematosus illness does not just affect the sufferer, it has a profound effect on family and friends as well.


I Got It All Wrong With My Children
I wish I had known how to see things from their perspective as well

Lupus Symptoms in Women – One of the main things that struck me was that I hadn’t realised that my children were growing up and had become more aware of the fact that I was ill. They were worrying about all sorts of things that COULD, (and should), have been discussed and explained.
While writing this Lupus Family Survival Guide it became quite clear to me that having these
lupus symptoms was not just about me being ill…
…it’s also about dealing with it as a family. At this point I asked my eldest daughter to write and explain what it is like to live with a mum who has lupus symptoms in women.I knew Alex wanted to go to university, but I was not aware that she wanted to escape from the situation at home.
What I had expected her to write about was that her mum is always tired and never has the energy to enjoy life with her because of this awful systemic lupus erythematosus malady.During the final stages of putting the survival guide together, my second daughter Megan decided she would have a read. After reading it she insisted on adding her point of view.Although I had realised that my systemic lupus illness was affecting her, I hadn’t expected such honesty, so much so that it made me cry. Anyone who knows Megan will tell you that it is written straight from the heart and explains much of the way she has acted over the last few years, especially at school.
My two younger children have yet to tell me how my lupus symptoms in women has affected them –
I will definitely be talking to them and reassuring them in the future.

I Got It All Wrong With My Family & Friends

They didn’t know my situation, so they didn’t know I needed help!

Lupus Symptoms in Women Getting The Support of family & friends can be very difficult…
Telling people that you are not well or exhausted only puts up barriers. It is so easy for family and friends to expect unrealistic goals from you and for them to begin to think that you are either playing on the illness or just being downright lazy.Lupus Symptoms in Women – The information in my Lupus Family Survival Guide can change your life. Just getting the people around you to read it will change their whole concept of what lupus symptoms in women is all about and what have to go through every day.
You will have a stress-free way of getting them on side…
The others reading the guide will lighten your load.
This on its own makes it Indispensible!

I Got It All Wrong With The Doctors
When seeing my Doctor – I wish I had known what to expect.

Had I known what to do, say and expect in the first place would have saved me from a lot of grief & suffering over the years.

Know Your Symptoms…

With lupus symptoms in women some of the first things you may notice other than the relentless exhaustion, hot, stiff & swollen fingers and feet, are the loss of appetite and feeling sick.
Secondary problems can occur, such as dry eyes & mouth and dry skin.
Thyroid problems can cause the body to slow down, causing constipation and lethargy, or speed up causing hyperactivity and diarrhoea…
Keeping a record of how you are feeling, and what
may have caused any ups & downs…Is Essential In Optimising Your Treatment.

Know The Questions…

First you need to find out if you have systemic lupus symptoms in women. Has your Doctor done all the obvious tests for problems like Lethargy, Exhaustion, Loss Of Appetite, Feeling Sick, Hair Loss?
If all of these are inconclusive, then you need to ask for blood tests relating to Rheumatology.When you’ve read my lupus symptoms in women family survival guide you will know how to approach your own Doctor and also know what kind of specialist should be treating you…
…getting This Right Will Get You TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE More Quickly.

I Got It All Wrong Most Days
I ran out of energy at all the wrong times.

Know How To…

Cope with exhaustion by learning how to pace yourself.
Learn how to arrange your days in order to cope.
You will get valuable information from the systemic lupus symptoms in women family survival guide
that will help you every day, and so get you a better Quality-Of-Life


You Don’t Have To Get It All Wrong Like I Did
There are important things that both you AND the people
around you have to know… and it’s in my free Lupus Family Survival Guide.


Just by reading my Lupus Family Survival Guide…

  • You Get… To Get The Support of family and friends.
    By having THEM read my living with lupus family survival guide, they will understand what you, and other Lupus victims, have to put up with every day.
  • You Get…To Know Your Symptoms by keeping a record or diary of all your symptoms and taking photographs of rashes and swellings to show your doctor.
  • You Get… To Know The Questions you should be asking your Rheumatologist.
  • You Get… To Know How to cope with your relentless exhaustion.



Get All The Benefits that this “Life Changing” eBook can provide.
I know this information will be well worth it for you,
as it has been for me.

Faye Cooper




  • How You Can Get Your Family’s Support
  • How You Can Record Your Symptoms
  • How You Can Know The Questions To Ask
  • And How You Can Cope…


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